Solar Installers

Persons are wise to know something about the company they are considering using in way of installing their solar panels and system. The preceding statement is pertinent since there are many competitors in the marketplace: some good and some not so good. However, finding the right company is a matter of following the appropriate steps which will be imparted here.

Tip One:

Conduct some investigation with regard to the Solar Installers you are considering for the work at hand.

Naturally, the Internet provides a viable resource for your investigation. Questions to address include: How long has the solar installation company been in business? Is the company registered? What work has the company performed in your local area? Are there testimonials provided by local business owners about the company’s performance?

Also, look in the local Yellow Pages from the prior year. Is the company you are considering included in that year’s phone book? At the very minimum, if you do not find the solar installation company inside last year’s phone book, you may conclude easily they are relatively new. Also, while you are at it, if you do not find the company listed for the prior year: check this year’s phone book. If the company is not yet listed; they may be very new, or simply not a consideration.

Tip Two:

Play matters safe: check company and/or the solar installer’s qualifications.

Secondly, check to see if the bulk of the installers are qualified electricians. Certainly, panel installers may be working as apprentices under the supervision of qualified electricians. There must be a good pool of the workforce who are designated electricians, though, or working in a supervisory capacity.

Tip Three:

Check other important credentialing—you can check credentials in the Yellow Pages and/or on the website.

The NICEIC is one type of credential associated with solar panel installers. REA is also another acronym tied to the professional solar installer. If you see other credentials in connection to the installer, it is easy enough to check the association name and accompanying credentialing requirements on the Internet. Regardless, assure yourself a professional installation by checking the installer’s credentials as mentioned above.

Tip Four:

Determine who is going to do the work

Make certain the work is going to be performed by the company marketing themselves as the installers. Assure yourself the work is not being brokered out or outsourced to another company or individual. You do not want any finger-pointing to come to pass, should there be any problems or issues with regard to installation.

Tip Five:

Find out how much you can expect in way of electrical generation on a per annum basis.

It is wise you attain a figure as to the amount of electricity which will be generated by the solar panel system. Take the figures supplied by the solar installer and investigate, once again, the projection provided to you, over the Internet. Determine whether or not the projections provided, align well with systems similar in capacity and size.

Tip Six:

Have the solar installer provide accurate details of where he or she plans to install the solar panel system. Notice how he or she evaluates your environment with respect to system installation.

The installer should measure your roof; look at points where there is quite a bit of shade; and review overall system orientation. He or she should also take a look at your fuse box. All of the particular aspects mentioned prior to installing your system should be conducted by the installer.

Tip Seven:

Make certain you are absolutely comfortable in dealing with the company and solar installer.

Since solar installation is so important, it is necessary you have a solid rapport with the company and installer which you plan to conduct business. It is not wise to allow any company to pressure you: you should have time to think over any proposal offered. If the installer or company agent mentions that a deal is only relevant for the day you called him or her out; they are merely trying to get you to sign on the dotted line that day. It is still best to investigate and think about what they have proposed: in other words, make it a rule not to sign any contract during the initial presentation and proposal for services to be rendered by the installer.

Conclusively, following the seven steps mentioned above will make installation of solar panels and a system all the more successful. It is important you have a good understanding of what the solar installer is offering in way of electrical generation on a per annum basis, and where the solar system will be installed along with its accompanying components. Other places to learn about solar panel installation and accompanying attributes of a total system include the following informative sites:


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